paste and pixels

exploring the interface of traditional and digital collage

An exhibtion curated by Jonathan Talbot at Core Gallery in New Paltz, NY, USA
July 14th - August 12th, 2001

Views of the Installation at Core Gallery

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Works by Roderick Slater (left) and
Shirin Kouladjie. The computer is connected
to Shirin's website:


Works by Natsuki Kimura (left),
Dorothy Simpson Krause (center),
and Tina Rene Michell (right)


Works by Pat Street
and Renee Pearson


Works by (left to right)
S. Martin Freidman,
David Horton,
Bob Maloney,
Fred Otnes,
Ginny Herzog,
Scott Fray,
Roderick Slater.


The works of Ionel Corjan (left)
Harald Johnson (right)

Works by Richard Harvey (two on left)
Philip Baraldi

Works by Renee Pearson,
Gennielynn Martin,
Rhonda Roebuck

The works of
Jeff Brice (left)
Clark Landwehr (right)

Works by Nick Clemente (left)
Natsuki Kimura (two at right)

The work of Peter Tytla

Works by (left to right) Rhonda Roebuck,
S. Martin Friedman, David Horton, and Bob Maloney.
The work of James Sullivan (right). Harald Johnson's work is partially visible "around the corner" at left.

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